Hi my name is Jimmy Martindale. I am an independent licensed Insurance Broker but more importantly, I am a devoted husband and father. It is my sense of responsibility to my own family that brought me to this exciting industry! I know first-hand that your family is your biggest investment and how important it is to protect them at all costs.

As your insurance broker, I vow to offer you the same level of commitment to protect your family and personal assets with the utmost integrity that I do for my own family. If you are a business owner, the same principle of integrity applies with a full range of coverage to keep you protected and competitive. Join me in creating a portfolio of policy coverage that is tailored to your specific family dynamic and personal assets for the best possible price.

The only constant in life is change, right? We all know that. But a lot of people treat their insurance policy like a bottle of wine that gets better with age. Spoiler alert insurance doesn’t work like that!” ~Dave Ramsey~

As an Independent Broker I am not beholden to any one company. I take your information and run a quote with numerous top insurance companies to find the best policy and rate available to you.

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