About Bridge City Brokerage

What is Bridge City Brokerage? It is a business that I created to help better serve my family, my friends, and my community! I am an independent insurance agent licensed in Oregon and Washington and live in Portland. Bridge City Brokerage can help people in either state.

The people in your life, the places you live, and all of the property you own are valuable to you. So, I strive to help you protect the things that matter the most in your life. Doing so by helping you understand the breakdown of your policy coverage and being there for you when have questions about your bill or when you need to file a claim.

I created this business to be able to give you the best possible price through a variety of different insurance companies and was tired of having quotas to meet and was tired of giving quotes not being the best price. Getting rid of the “Here’s your price, take it or leave it” mentality. I wanted to be the best price and now I can!! No more “shopping around” for the best price! Let me do that for you!

As an Insurance Broker, I have the tools to run your info through multiple top rated insurance companies and I am not beholden to any of them so I can come back to you with the best options tailored to YOUR needs… AT NO EXTRA COST TO YOU!

Reach out so I can save you some money!